Loch Raven is a 467-acre neighborhood located in northeast Baltimore City, along the edge of Mt. Pleasant Park. It is bordered by Northern Parkway on the north, E. Belvedere Avenue on the south, Perring Parkway on the east, and Loch Raven Boulevard on the west.

Developed shortly after World War II, the neighborhood is a blend of brick row and semi-detached styles. The neighborhood's location exposes it to a number of great community amenities and features. The eastern edge of the neighborhood is dominated by Mt. Pleasant Park and its golf course. Homes that have the park and golf course for their front door view have an expansive green lawn dotted with a variety of flora and fauna. The Mt. Pleasant Ice Skating Rink is also located on the park property. The only bird sanctuary in Baltimore City, the Augustine J. Ryan Memorial Park was established at the southwest corner of Herring Run Park. Mt. Pleasant together with the Herring Run Park represent 700-acres of open space in proximity of this neighborhood.

Notable landmarks of development in the neighborhood include Good Samaritan Hospital, 44-acres within the neighborhood, built in 1968. The Hospital is a major stakeholder and contributor to the health and well-being of the community.

There is also the 254-unit Park Raven Apartment complex on Ramblewood Road, built in 1950; the 513-unit Loch Raven Apartment complex, now called the Renaissance Apartments, built in 1963; the 284-unit Fenwick Apartment complex, now called the Metropolitan Apartments; the 69-unit Hillen & Belvedere Apartments operating since 1999; the Loch Raven Shopping Center, originally developed in 1954 and redeveloped and revitalized in 2004; and the Belvedere Gardens Shopping Center, developed in 1957, located on Hillen Road. This small shopping center, once the location for most of the neighborhood's convenience shopping needs, declined over several years due, in part, to the loss of a well-known food store. The year 2010, however, brought a new supermarket venture that is hoped to return vibrancy back to this business parcel.

In the wood-like, interior setting, the neighborhood Yorkwood Elementary School was built. The school also backs onto and is buffered from Hillen Road by the Ryan Memorial Bird Sanctuary and Herring Run.

The tree-lined Loch Raven Boulevard on the western edge of the neighborhood, coupled with the expansive lawns of the single and semi-detached housing, provides a scenic front door for residents and anyone travelling along this corridor. Loch raven Boulevard is also home to numerous churches dotting this thoroughfare that is locally dubbed "church row". These churches also provide private and religious schooling offering the neighborhood several alternatives to the public K-12 school programs in the area.

The Loch Raven neighborhood cluster is also serviced by two major Maryland MTA transit lines. The #3 bus route links the neighborhood to downtown Baltimore and northward to the southern tip of Baltimore County. The #44 bus route is an east to west transit connection, linking the Pulaski Highway industrial corridor to the Social Security Administration complex in Woodlawn.