The Loch Raven Improvement Association, Inc. (LRIA) shall promote resident empowerment, and shall work to create and protect a community environment that enhances quality of life for all. This includes preserving property values, promoting social interaction, overseeing zoning issues and increasing safety. We seek to keep our area attractive for residents, visitors, investors and real property seekers.

The LRIA is a self-sustaining organization and thus relies on voluntary membership dues as a primary method to generate monies. The governing body of the Association is not paid. All funds are fully reinvested back into the community and used to offset operating expenses to include, but not limited to:

Maintaining a monthly community newsletter and website
Promoting and stimulating community beautification projects
Sponsoring community engagement and social events, and neighborhood raffles
Providing a telephone hotline and postal lockbox

Membership in the Loch Raven Improvement Association, Inc. is open to any resident who resides within the boundaries that have been established to define the LRIA neighborhood. Read more on the LRIA operating principles by clicking on the bylaws link.

Residents should feel pleased to know that your dues payment is being used for an exceptional purpose: YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD! Become active in your community... Become a member of the Loch Raven Improvement Association, Inc. today.