New Neighbor

 Dear New Resident: 

WELCOME!  The Loch Raven Improvement Association (LRIA) neighborhood is a great place to live!  Good will, common courtesy, and integrity – it’s all right here. We want you to have every confidence in our neighborhood’s future and likewise, we want to have confidence in you. 

When neighbors are confident in the future of their neighborhoods, they maintain their properties at acceptable levels, attend community meetings, and become engaged in general neighborhood issues. Residents also want to feel safe and have adherence to common standards (no loitering, no trash, no noise, etc.).  Rest assured, the LRIA takes all of these matters to heart in keeping our community moving forward. 

The following information is provided to help you understand some of the regulations that affect the quality of life in our neighborhood and contribute to our Standards of Behavior for neighborly living, cooperation, and respect.  We want all residents to be able to live harmoniously in their homes.

These Standards of Behavior are established as per Baltimore City charters, codes, and ordinances. They are practiced in the Loch Raven area to help maintain a high quality of neighborhood life that we can all appreciate and enjoy.  We ask that you take time to review each regulation, to understand the expectations for compliance, to understand the consequences for non-compliance thereto, and to know how to report violations that affect our community.

Again, thank you for choosing the Loch Raven neighborhood as your place of residence and we look forward to having your neighborly acquaintance for many years to come.  May we suggest that you get involved and stay involved in all matters relating to the preservation of our community.  The future of Loch Raven depends on YOU! 

Abandoned Vehicles 

Inoperable vehicles that are not properly registered or tagged, or are incapable of being moved, may not be stored on any public right-of-way or on your property unless they are screened from public view. If you would like to report an abandoned vehicle on a public street or private property, please call 311. Remember to get a tracking number to follow-up, if necessary. 

Animal Control 

If a dog is continuously barking, it is effectively a public nuisance.  Please call Animal Control at 311 and, upon investigation, a citation may be issued to the dog owner.  Animal owners are also responsible for picking up animal waste immediately.  Complaints about accumulations of animal waste can also be directed to Animal Control.  Appropriate permits are required for multiple pets.  Also, aggressive animals must be restrained by appropriate fencing, as approved by the Baltimore City Zoning Department, to ensure public safety. 

Ball Playing 

It is unlawful to play basketball, football, or any other ball sport in, on, or about any public street, alley, lane, or other thoroughfare in Baltimore City.  Please limit these activities to designated recreational sites.  Violations of this City ordinance can be reported by calling 311. 

Curfew Restrictions 

Daytime – No minor under the age of 16 may remain in or about any public place between the hours of 9am and 2:30pm on any day during which the minor is required to be in school. 

Nighttime – No minor under the age of 16 may remain in or about any public place between the hours of 11pm and 6am weekdays, or 12:00 midnight and 6am weekends, without appropriate parental supervision.  Report curfew violations to 911. 

Illegal Substances 

If you are involved or plan to be involved in the distribution, manufacturing, storage, transport, drive-by exchange, or use of illegal substances, please be FULLY advised that the LRIA will not tolerate this activity and will continue to report all illegal activities to the Northeast District Narcotics Unit at 410-396-2444 and to the Drug Hotline.  Residents are highly encouraged to call 911 for drug activities that are “in progress”.   You may remain anonymous. 

Noise Limits 

Persistent and chronic noise to disturb the peace is illegal and very disrespectful, and will not be tolerated in this community.  This includes loud music emanating from your vehicle.  If unreasonable loud noise persists, it may require interdiction by the Northeastern District Police Department and/or the Baltimore City Housing Authority.  Progressive instances of undue and unnecessary noise may result in citations ranging from $500 -$1000 and referral for initiation of legal proceedings.  Please report noise disturbances to 911. 

Structural Deficiencies 

Property owners are responsible for maintaining their residence in a structurally sound condition and must make any repairs accordingly.  Broken windows, doors, gutters, roofing, porches, decks, framework etc. are all common violations of the Baltimore City housing code.  Also, walkways and driveways must be structurally sound and level to prevent trips, slips and falls.  Deficiencies may be reported to Code Enforcement at 311.  

Yard Maintenance 

Baltimore City has specific codes to address trash and litter, high grass, weeds, and encroachment, bulk trash items, and outdoor storage.  Please familiarize yourself with the following codes to help keep our neighborhood looking its best. 

1. Trash must be stored in plastic or metal cans with tight-fitting lids.  The use of these types of containers discourages rat harborage and other pest infestation.

2. Trash containers may be placed out for collection no earlier than 6pm on the day prior to scheduled pickup and cannot remain at the collection site after 6am of the following morning. 

3. Trash cannot be placed on the street or sidewalk, unless otherwise directed to do so by Baltimore City Department of Public Works. 

4. Accumulation of rubbish, such as parts, tires, scrap lumber, construction materials, old appliances, or furniture in your yard also violate the sanitation code. 

5. Leaves and branches may be piled temporarily providing they are being gathered for disposal, but cannot remain in your yard for an indefinite period of time.

6. Bulk trash pickup is scheduled for the third Friday of each month, provided that you call 311 at least three days in advance to schedule the pickup.  Up to three items may be placed for pickup at the same location as regular trash pick up at the rear of your property.  Bulk items may also be taken to any Baltimore City public landfill or sanitation yard.  Please remember... illegal dumping constitutes severe fines and criminal penalties in the City of Baltimore.

7. Grass and weeds cannot exceed a height of 8 inches in yards and alleys or 12 inches in fields or undeveloped lots within City limits. 

8. Do not place any kind of debris in public medians, or along any public corridor.  Disposal of trash and debris in these areas constitutes illegal dumping and is punishable as a criminal infraction. Dispose of your debris on regular trash pick-up days or at the appropriate public landfill or sanitation yard. 

Please report violations to 311 or 911, as applicable.  If a complaint is made, the City’s Code Enforcement inspector will investigate and, as per determination of the infraction, a citation or violation notice may be immediately issued to the property owner or tenant of the property.  If the violation is still not corrected within an allotted timeframe, the City may assess additional fines or provide the services at cost to the owner via tax lien.  Failure to pay at that time may result in Court action and seizure of the property. 

Vehicle Parking 

City Code addresses the following parking issues: 

1. Streets are for public use and vehicles can be parked in any legal parking place along them.  There are no designated parking “spots” in our area, unless zone-approved.   It is NOT illegal for someone to park in front of your home, although we urge residents to be courteous and not take all of their neighbors’ parking places.  It is also urged that residents not take up multiple parking spaces.  There are many vehicles  Please allow room for others to park. 

2. Commercial vehicles and trailers of any kind cannot be parked or stored in a residential area.  Semi-trailers and truck tractors exceeding 20 feet in length are also prohibited from parking on residential streets. 

3. Vehicles must be parked facing the correct direction at all times.  Vehicles parked against the flow of traffic can be reported be calling the 311 Call Center. 

4. Vehicles may not park on front or side yards unless the area is improved with either a concrete or asphalt surface.  Parking on dirt, grass, and loose gravel is illegal, unless otherwise approved by the Department of Public Works.  

Call Parking Control at 311 to report ALL illegal parking violations.